Nucleus Research: Why businesses pursue Connected Planning with Anaplan

Anaplan was one of the earliest companies to connect the operational data from all departments

Increased user productivity. Improved organizational visibility. Reductions in operational costs. These are just some of the performance-enhancing benefits that early adopters of Connected Planning are realizing, according to Nucleus Research.

Per the report’s author, Isaac Gould, “for cross-departmental planning, the benefits of a solution platform become even more apparent as previously siloed teams can collaborate over a seamless user experience, joining budgets and forecasts to address corporate goals strategically.”

Read the complimentary Nucleus Research report and discover why businesses choose Anaplan for its wide range of modeling and planning solutions across finance, supply chain, workforce, sales, and marketing, to deliver on its promise of enterprise-wide value creation.

Nucleus Research: Why Businesses Pursue Connected Planning with Anaplan, Isaac Gould, 15 March 2021
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