Ventana Research: 2023 Revenue Performance Management Buyers Guide

Anaplan earns Leader designation for the 2nd year in a row

When hitting your number is everything, you need an effective strategy focusing every team that touches revenue on opportunities with the greatest revenue potential — knowing your quotas and incentives will motivate the right behaviors to crush your number. 

Yet according to Ventana Research, “using spreadsheets to manage revenue operations and performance is ineffective and can be problematic when trying to achieve optimal outcomes”.

The Ventana Research Revenue Performance Management (RPM) Buyers Guide explores key trends, such as why revenue and operations leaders are shifting away from annual sales planning to “continuous revenue performance monitoring”. Responding faster to evolving markets and Corporate with formal sales planning at least twice a year keeps your teams motivated and focused on where they can win. And as your go-to-market strategy becomes more complex, data-driven account segmentation, territory, quota, sales capacity, and sales compensation planning will ensure you’re always one step ahead of your competition. 

Read the evaluation of 7 RPM vendors, uncover sales planning best practices, and why Anaplan was ranked #1 for ROI & TCO.

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