Compensation Planning and Modeling with Anaplan

Align compensation strategies and costs with overall goals

What if you could create compensation plans and frameworks that underpin your talent acquisition and retention efforts and drive performance and results?

With Anaplan for Compensation Planning and Modeling, you can design compensation structures that reflect the performance and value your employees bring to your organization and customers. Incorporate compensation benchmarks and external data into your models to help ensure that your plans are fair and equitable. And you can review different scenarios to anticipate changes and rapidly adapt your plans and budget to competitive market conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide visibility into compensation costs across your organization, plus increase transparency and trust in data and calculations.
  • Design forward-looking compensation strategies and plans while aligning with organizational goals and budgets.
  • Model compensation structures, from salary and merit to incentive compensation, that are equitable and consistent with the value your workforce brings to the organization.
  • Evaluate different scenarios and understand the future impact of your compensation decisions.
  • Anticipate changes and adapt plans and budget to shifting market conditions.
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