Deal Desk

With Anaplan for Deal Desk, sales leaders or “deal desk” managers can optimize the productivity of the sales team while standardizing construction, pricing, and discounting of proposals. Using deal desk,sales teams can quickly and easily construct and price their deal proposal for review. Sales leaders or deal desk managers establish pre-set discount levels and are then engaged to approve non-standard deals and work with cross-functional stakeholders on deal solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Establish consistency with a pricing and discounting model that reps use to construct, price, and quote sales deals
  • Reduce time sales reps spend constructing, pricing, and providing quotes so they can increase time spend selling
  • Establish a process for managing complex, highvalue, competitive deals with long sales cycles and high cost of sales
  • Define when and which pricing and quote proposals are submitted for a workflow review and approval process to increase revenue and better profitability
  • Optimize revenue and profit margins for the organization and all stakeholders
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