The Marketing Industry Landscape: It’s Time to Retire the Spreadsheet

33% of marketing budgets go to technology* but regardless of this investment the majority of marketers are still planning in spreadsheets.

As a Marketer, you are at the heart of digital transformation, constantly challenged to communicate to your audience in timely, relevant, and innovative ways.

Your customers are directly connected to the rest of your business, including your Sales and Service teams. Yet internally, you’re working with your colleagues via email and spreadsheets. You’re filling the cracks between your marketing solutions with spreadsheets, and your planning and budgeting processes have become inefficient and disconnected.

With access to such a vast array of technology, why are you suffering under this huge administrative burden?

With Anaplan’s Marketing Applications, you can accelerate the transformation of your marketing department.

You can:

  • Know and control your spend in real time
  • Forecast the resources required to fulfill your plans
  • Build attribution models to connect results to spend
  • Learn which campaigns influence your customers and prospects
  • Analyze your Sales and Marketing metrics in a single view
  • And Create unlimited what-if scenarios to understand the impact of changes to your plan

With these tools in place, you can accelerate your planning cycles, and connect you to sales, service and finance departments.

This empowers you to:

  • Create a more collaborative relationship with Finance
  • Integrate your Marketing Plans to the Sales Forecast
  • Work with your service teams to increase customer growth and build advocacy
  • And improve the overall customer experience

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