Streamline your Mining Planning processes with Anaplan

The mining sector has unique challenges. Data that drives the planning process, is often siloed across source systems, teams, and mining sites, and there are many business planners that have different roles and responsibilities.

Watch this quick demo to get an overview of Anaplan’s approach to mining planning. We’ll cover:

  • Mining control tower. Get an executive perspective of the business across physicals, operations and sustainability.
  • Stockpile scenario planning. Plan for shutdowns and how that will impact inventory stockpiles going forward.
  • Asset maintenance. Plan your maintenance costs by incorporating data from the fleet’s manufacturer to calculate the timing and cost of maintenance events, as well as rotable asset transfers.
  • Workforce planning. Identify the gaps between hours to schedule and current staffing levels, and get suggestions on how to fill those gaps.
  • Capex investment planning. Submit capital requests, view financial impacts, overlay sustainability and select projects based on drivers within a constrained budget.

Watch the demo