Sales Territory and Quota Planning

Intelligently allocate targets and align resources to maximize value with Anaplan for Territory and Quota Planning

Intelligent, data-driven territory and quota planning can maximize the value of your accounts and ensure that your sales reps work efficiently. The Anaplan platform covers the entire range of the territory and quota planning process, from scoring the market and gauging the value of accounts to defining territories and assigning quotas to every single salesperson in your organization.

Responsive dashboards let you can score accounts effectively by employing both internal and external data points. Hierarchies for territories, headcount, products, or any other variable can be easily modified, with flowing instantly throughout the organization. Advanced territory analysis helps you figure out which hires will make the greatest impact.

See how, with Anaplan, you can:

  • Align sales resources with the proper accounts and regions
  • Automate quota distribution, so high-level quotas automatically roll down to individual teams and salespeople
  • Easily modify account scores or territory to incorporate knowledge from the field
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