7 ways to improve profits with better WFM strategies

Unlock economic value through data-driven planning, labor optimization, talent analytics, and policy compliance.

Today’s brutal retail competitive environment and multichannel touchpoints require powerful store-based workforce management tools that allow stellar and consistent customer service–in every store, every day. To better execute against their goals, many retailers add and manage headcount based on standard variables like sales per store, time of day, and history. However, this strategy can perpetuate costly downward cycles of non-productive resource allocation, resulting in lower conversion rates and reduced sales.

Want to improve conversion, optimize associate-to-customer ratio and better align non-selling tasks to off-peak traffic times? In this white paper, you will learn how to connect disparate data silos from shop floor, timekeeping, scheduling, human resources, and finance to gain strategic insight into labor optimization and reap significant economic benefits.

Download the whitepaper, “7 ways to improve profits with better WFM strategies” authored by Anaplan partner Workforce Insight, Inc., to uncover the strategic areas retailers must focus on to ensure a consistently successful customer experience.

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