CIO’s guide to becoming a strategic business executive

Although digital disruption has placed technology at the heart of most business decisions, many CIOs and IT leaders find themselves stuck in the technology delivery business while they fight for a seat at the strategy table.

Shifting the conversation from technology to opportunity

To reduce and rationalize IT footprints while delivering greater value as strategic business leaders, CIOs need to leave their old planning ways behind and rethink their view of the technology landscape. Through reading this paper, CIOs and IT leaders will better understand:

  • The need to align technology priorities and architectural roadmaps based on a forward-looking, cloud-based platform
  • How to move from task overload to delivering measurable business value
  • How harnessing the power of Connected Planning can help businesses meet (and exceed) their enterprise-wide planning initiatives with ease
  • The Anaplan platform’s architecture, security framework, and integration capabilities
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