Solution Brief

Your secret weapon against volatility: resilient supply planning

Anaplan Supply Planning gives you the agility to succeed in spite of complexity and turmoil

Your supply chain is more global than ever before – and more vulnerable to all manner of disruption, ranging from labor shortages to geopolitical conflict. You need a solution that enables you to get out in front of volatility so when the unexpected happens, you already understand your options and are ready to pivot to meet the challenge.

Anaplan Supply Planning uses advanced analytics to drive real-time calculations so you can respond quickly as conditions for your supply chain change. It’s flexible enough to support local process variations and powerful enough to bring all your stakeholders together on a single connected planning platform. Your planning process will become easier and more agile because the platform is:

  • Comprehensive – it covers every step of your planning process, from demand back through your supply network, on a single platform, with no need to take any part of the process off-line. 
  • Designed to accommodate you - pick, choose and customize the relevant process elements to deliver on your organization’s specific needs.
  • Event- and Scenario-based – it captures your planning assumptions as date-based events, helping you understand your drivers and making it easier to rapidly revise plans.


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