Take the Guesswork out of your Merchandising Strategy!

It’s no exaggeration that managing uncertainty has become the order of the day for Retail merchandising leaders, yet it is a struggle because legacy tools, databases, applications simply fall short to address today’s industry challenges.

  • Consumer loyalty has all but ‘evaporated’
  • Historical transaction data is no longer ‘good enough’ to predict future demand
  • Other demand ‘signals’ are not integrated, accessible to decision-makers
  • End users lack ‘scenario planning’ capabilities without specialized skills
  • Collaborative, and iterative planning between Merchandising, Finance, Supply Chain and Store Operations is non-existent
  • No visibility into inventory levels, potential stockouts, markdowns, GMROII and other financial implications in a real-time basis

We’re working with leading retailers to solve these challenges, and more, every day. To learn how Carters’s, Circle K, Coca-Cola, and Godiva are leveraging Anaplan for their merchandising strategy with significant results - download our whitepaper. 

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