Six steps from integrated to enterprise planning

The milestones to better predictions, optimized collaborations, and improved business outcomes

Businesses have been striving for decades to integrate supply chain planning processes with those used by other functions across the organization, using systems like traditional sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP). Yet, these have fallen short of the one truly integrated business plan that many companies are seeking to develop and deliver.

In this article from SupplyChainBrain, you’ll learn about dynamic, connected, collaborative, cloud-based technology—enterprise business planning (EBP). Read about how you can move from relying on outdated technology and disparate systems to converging planning efforts across all operational, financial, and commercial functions in six steps.

  • Readying the enterprise
  • Addressing barriers to change
  • Finding a unified vision
  • The soft launch
  • The rollout
  • Adopting EBP
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