Boost forecast accuracy: Intelligent insights for enterprise-wide planning

Anaplan Intelligent Forecasting x Google Cloud

What if your data could be a competitive advantage? Uncover the brilliance in your data to forecast intelligently and confidently across your enterprise with integrated Google AI/ML time-series forecasting.

Google Vertex AI time-series forecasting uses state-of-the-art ML models and a scalable AI platform that can analyze large data sets to return unparalleled forecast results faster.

The integration between the Anaplan platform and Google Vertex AI Forecast enables you to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy and predictions for time-series forecasting use cases across business functions, such as supply chain, finance, workforce planning, and more.
  • Leverage large amounts of internal and external data within the Anaplan and Google ecosystems.
  • Build with groundbreaking ML tools.
  • Deploy more models faster.
  • Use MLOps tools to easily manage your data and tools.
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