The blueprint for connected planning and decision-making

Isolated point solutions and standalone spreadsheets are yesterday’s solutions for planning across departments. Companies today can now drive the future of their business—within and across departments at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels—without having to compromise on usability, flexibility, ease of model changes, and the speed to assess the impact of business decisions and planning scenarios.

Today, Anaplan’s platform delivers a single real-time, cloud-based environment that can help you accurately plan and optimize, quickly respond to change as a department or organization, and seamlessly align across the entire business to meet business objectives.

Download the white paper to learn about the groundbreaking features of the Anaplan platform, such as:

  • A scalable, multitenant, cloud-based, in-memory architecture
  • A patented real-time, change-tracking, Java-based planning engine
  • A user experience set apart by real-time model and planning changes, and the merging of planning and analytics
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