5 lessons learned from planning for the unpredictable

Through risk-management strategies, most companies have the essential contingency plans in place to protect their people and the community, but many have missed the opportunity to do real business continuity planning. Learn how some of the best companies are not only reacting well to the unexpected, but were ready for it before anyone knew it was coming. We overview case studies from health and emergency services to discuss what gets in the way of being prepared.

In this webinar we will explore:

  • What is business continuity planning?
  • Case studies from some past disruptive and unexpected events related to health and emergency services
  • How you could anticipate, get prepared and overcome the unexpected
  • Key concepts and components of integrated business planning

Key points of discussion:

  • Planning from the people who invented integrated business planning
  • Business continuity planning basics, key components in an integrated business planning framework, best practice from real world business cases

Most beneficial for: Planning enthusiasts, Category Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Pricing Strategy Managers, Demand Planning Managers, Commercial teams, anyone who is interested in integrated business planning

Watch the on-demand webinar