Academic Space Planning and Scenario Modeling Fireside Chat

Managing and planning academic space is always a difficult task due to the balancing act that must be completed to achieve goals for resource utilization, student success, academic and financial success. Being able to visualize analytics and make informed decisions has been made ever more pressing and due to the impact from Covid-19. Whether it is addressing capacity constraints due to the incorporation of social distancing guidelines, moving specific on-site sections virtually as well as nearly every other scenario hear and see how Tarleton State is approaching the management of academic space. In this client led webinar, see how Tarleton State is using Analytics and Scenario Planning to influence key decisions, improve efficiency and appropriately schedule courses.

Experts from Tarleton State University and Allitix will share:

  • Best practices in managing academic space and space planning
  • How to perform scenario analysis to improve course scheduling to optimize resource allocation and student success
  • Tarleton State University’s journey to improve and connect their processes leveraging Anaplan
Watch the on-demand webinar