Aligning sales and finance priorities to maximize growth

After a year of uncertainty and reduced spending, finance and sales leaders are aligned on one major goal: Drive as much growth as possible as quickly as possible. According to a study by the National Center for Middle Market, 87% of CFOs expect to spend much more time focusing on customers and the customer experience, while sales teams want to prioritize re-engaging relationships strained by the pandemic. To improve customer relationships, sales and finance leaders need to first work on streamlining internal communication and collaboration between the two siloed departments.

The key to success for CFOs and sales leaders is to value people over processes. By eliminating internal friction, organizations can prioritize implementing an effective planning platform, increasing data visibility, and driving cycle time reductions. Innovative finance and sales leaders who successfully provide planning at the right time, to the right people, in the right level of detail, are able to align sales plans to revenue drivers and make better, more informed decisions for the company as a whole. During this virtual roundtable, our expert panelists will discuss how the two functions can work together to take a proactive approach to future disruption and generate significant growth for the organization.

We’ll Discuss:

  • Developing common goals to close the cultural gap between finance and sales.
  • Best practices for using and sharing cross-functional data.
  • Assessing risk proactively to best prepare for future disruption.
  • Creating a hybrid sales force that’s skilled at selling virtually as well as in-person.
  • How the pandemic has put added pressure on revenue forecast accuracy and strategies to understand customer buying patterns going forward.
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