Anaplan for Life Insurance planning in an IFRS17 world

IFRS17 is likewise the most revolutionizing regulatory journey in the Insurance industry. Since it’s significantly changing the way insurers will report their financial results, it is equally impacting their multi-year business forecasts. How can insurers manage performance in an IFRS17 world? How to model plans in IFRS17?

Watch this On-demand Webinar with Insurance and IFRS17 Experts from Deloitte and learn how Anaplan:

  • orchestrates data from across the business in a highly collaborative and open manner to help life insurers’ transition to the new IFRS 17 regime beyond compliance;
  • leverages actuarial model outputs and profiles to simulate cash flow projections and stacking for in-force and new business insurance contracts;
  • facilitates the presentation of financial planning results and key metrics under both IFRS 17 and 4 frameworks to support informed decision making
  • increases collaboration among various teams, including Underwriting, Investment, Finance, and Management, in the process of planning, budgeting and forecasting.
Watch the on-demand webinar