AWS Cloud Spend Optimisation

In recent times the importance of enabling teams to work in flexible work scenarios has highlighted the many benefits of cloud / SaaS applications. (It has also highlighted the many shortcomings of legacy systems.)

As more organisations, accelerate and move more and more workloads to the cloud post COVID, there is an increasing need for them to reliably forecast their future spend.

While the cloud offers organisations lower IT costs and unlimited scalability, a recent survey showed 23% of organisations are over budget yet expect their cloud spend to increase by 47% over the next year … and 59 percent, said their cloud usage will be higher than initially planned pre COVID.**

It has also been reported that as much as 70% of cloud costs can be wasted due to poor planning and utilisation.^

Why did AWS collaborate with Anaplan to pioneer a better forecasting process?

In this session James Wakefield (Servian) and Chris Badger (Anaplan) will cover:

  • Understanding current costs and managing spend
  • Accurate load forecasting and utilisation
  • Scenario analysis and allocation
  • Spend governance and control
  • Mitigate budget, spend and utilisation friction between departments

** FORBES: Apr 29, 2020, One-Third of Cloud Spending Wasted, But Still Accelerates, Joe McKendrick
^ How to Identify Solutions for Managing Costs in Public Cloud IaaS, Gartner

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