The CFO playbook on IBP: Why Finance must take the lead

A company increasingly depends on its finance team to collaborate with other business units around key drivers and operational metrics that have the greatest influence on the company’s business performance. To fulfill this aim, finance organizations are applying the principles of integrated business planning (IBP) to incorporate expertise in supply chain management, sales, and marketing, among other areas, throughout their companies. The opportunity is to transform planning from a static to a dynamic process that helps the company steer business performance more effectively.

However, many finance teams lack the tools and disciplines to implement IBP effectively.

During this webinar, we will reveal:

  • Why linking financial and operational planning is emerging as a top priority for organizations
  • How companies leverage IBP to align financial and operational goals
  • The challenges that finance leaders most often face in sustaining a collaborative planning process—and how to overcome these challenges
  • The latest best practices that are enabling finance teams to take the lead in translating IBP from concept to reality
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