Charting the path to revenue: Territory and quota planning

Hear from VMware: Optimize your territory and quota planning

How good is your sales plan? No matter how good it is, change is inevitable. The past two years have shown us the importance of flexible sales planning.

Watch VMware’s Sr. Manager of Quota Excellence, Sunil Kausik and Director, Territory and Account Planning, Ian Zhao join in a conversation with Head of Sales, Planning AI from Anaplan, Francine Stowe. They discuss how to evaluate and optimize sales plans throughout the year, accounting for market changes and fluctuations in their sales team.

You’ll learn how to implement:

  • Better planning and creation of balanced territories, with built-in, real-time metrics and change management processes.
  • Quota allocation that motivates your sellers and eliminates coverage gaps/shortfalls.
  • Seamless connection between territory and quota to improve planning efficiencies.
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