COVID-19: From testing to vaccines: Democratizing planning to defeat uncertainty

Comprehensive planning in a complex dynamic environment

In any disaster, the rapidly and consistently changing situation challenges our preconceptions and processes. This forces us to rethink and adapt as gaps are unearthed, to refine and incrementally improve our response strategies.

In the context of COVID-19, testing has already challenged health jurisdictions. Multi-vaccine availability means that lessons are learned at a global scale, and that efficient and safe distribution, plus reporting beyond consumption, are essential to improving health outcomes and reducing disruptions for businesses and personal lives. A wholistic plan is needed.

Watch this non-sales session where some of the topics covered include:

  • Demographic prioritization.
  • Workforce optimization.
  • Demand, storage, and logistics.
  • Benchmarking and variance analysis.
  • Multidirectional data flows and democratization.

Already utilized in multiple jurisdictions, the Anaplan Anavate solution enables enhanced reporting and forecasting controls with the levers in place to empower workforce capacity and distribution planning with end-to-end supply chain and asset capacity visibility.

If you are a government official, senior health planner, health supplier,  or are responsible for your organization’s health strategies, watch this video.

Watch the video