Digital assortment analytics for the omni-channel retail landscape

The need to manage omni-channel assortments has never been greater. With customers shopping across multiple geographies, brands, and business models, analytics are essential if merchandising executives are to back decision-making with solid intuition and facts. Unfortunately, there have been some failed attempts within the industry to implement assortment planning software solutions.

In this webinar, Steve Nevill, Ed Majors and Imogen Roberts of Deloitte discuss why the approach to assortment planning and the supporting technologies should be reimagined from the ground up. Save your spot to hear the latest thinking on how leveraging analytics and new technologies like the Anaplan platform can support merchants in making key assortment decisions.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to think differently about adding value into the assortment process
  • Key leading practices and analytics for assortment development
  • About an Anaplan-based assortment tool that highlights the art of the possible
Watch the on-demand webinar