DISH Network and Anaplan: Mobilizing resilient supply chain planning

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All companies plan, but not all companies produce good plans. What defines a good plan in the current environment, when supply chain resilience has become a requirement for success? High-performing organizations have distinguished themselves from the competition with a connected, comprehensive approach to supply chain planning that enables agile, flexible decision-making.

High-performance was the goal for DISH Network, a leading U.S. direct-broadcast satellite provider, as the company’s executives recognized that siloed spreadsheets and painfully slow systems were preventing them from efficiently meeting their continually evolving business requirements. With an eye on financial and productivity impact, DISH selected Anaplan to manage its complex planning for repair parts. Following that initial successful implementation—which has enabled game-changing capabilities including “what-if” analyses, capacity planning, and collaborative planning with contract manufacturers and suppliers—DISH has also leveraged Anaplan for workforce management and PPE allocation during the pandemic.

View this session to learn how DISH Network:

  • Integrates its supply chain, sales, service and finance teams into a single integrated planning process leveraging one set of numbers
  • Achieves real-time visibility into continually changing data
  • Leverages improved forecast accuracy to manage 10,000+ SKUs by exception, enabling better focus on critical areas such as inventory balancing
  • Drives collaboration between manufacturing sites and offsite partners
  • Enhances employees’ ability to do their jobs—and keeps them safe during the pandemic