On-demand webinar

Drive predictable revenue with better sales planning

Hear advice from the global VP of GTM operations at Box

Looking for ways to reduce your sales planning cycle time and apply
best practices in sales planning? Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how software company Box manages their annual territory and quota setting process and delivers more predictable revenue.

In this conversation between Yasser Said, Global Vice President,
Go-To-Market Strategy & Operations at Box, and Dana Therrien, VP
of CRO Practice at Anaplan, discover how Box reduced the length of their sales planning cycle and moved towards a profit-driven approach to sales in the current macro-economic climate.

You’ll learn about:
• Territory and quota planning process enhancements
• Partnering with finance to deliver more accurate forecasts
• The importance of the "Rule of 40” for software companies

Watch the on-demand webinar