How to elevate your finance organization with integrated business planning

Integrated business planning (IBP) represents a commitment to align people, processes, and technology across an organization in order to improve business performance. For finance leaders, this translates into a need for strong cooperation and collaboration with their non-finance counterparts to gain a clear picture of trends and drivers that impact business performance.

However, connecting departmental silos with one another can be a challenging organizational task—which is why many organizations have turned to IBP to help them connect their financial and operational performance management processes.

The result? A more dynamic, reliable way to help the business make better decisions by anticipating the future.

During this webcast, we discuss how to:

  • Get executive buy-in from your organization to implement IBP.
  • Evaluate and improve processes for gathering the data that informs your planning.
  • Use today’s technology to support a successful and sustainable approach to IBP.

You’ll also walk away with new insights into the drivers and trends that have the greatest ability to impact your business, including a clear idea of the analytical and technical skills you need to establish IBP best practices.

Watch the on-demand webinar