Forecast Uncertainty: Rapid Scenario Planning

In times of constant change, finance teams face increased pressure to perform scenario analysis and help their organizations make crucial business decisions. 80% of the companies are currently implementing cost containment and 58% are deferring their planned investments. Many CFOs have also focused on how they can manage their cash pressures to ride out the crisis.

Rapid Scenario Planning offers an assessment of a company’s current forecasting and planning capabilities and provides tactical business models to deliver much needed analysis.

Join this webinar for insight into:

  • The latest CFO Pulse Survey and results on how leaders are tackling financial impacts, return to work, and more.
  • Best practices for an integrated budgeting process that is standardized across the business to break down silos.
  • How to use “what-if” scenarios to make real-time, data-driven decisions in this rapidly changing environment.
  • Collaborative Connected Planning and how it enables data from across the organization to be shared in real-time by both internal and external stakeholders.
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