Future-proofing your University: Integrated Tuition Modeling and Long-Range Planning

The higher education industry is going through changes, with the next decade set to bring unprecedented challenges. Universities and Colleges will face financial and enrollment challenges, reduced government funding, and the uncertainty of legislative relief, while facing the sociodemographic and economic obstacles of educating students. These circumstances require institutions to better leverage data to develop operational plans and long-term institutional strategies. Join this webinar to learn how you can help your institution make better and faster decisions to help guide long-term fiscal sustainability.

Experts from the University of Dayton and truED Consulting will share:

  • Best practices with tuition and enrollment planning and how to leverage data to develop financial plans and long-term institutional strategies.
  • How to perform forecasting and scenario analysis to evaluate policy changes, analyze strategic options, and assess risk.
  • University of Dayton’s transformation journey to Connected Planning in the cloud.
Watch the on-demand webinar