How to successfully implement rolling forecasts

Today’s turbulent economic conditions are a constant challenge, for businesses, this means that the accuracy of annual budgets and forecasts can decrease as the year progresses. With increasing frequency, finance leaders are adopting rolling forecasts as a more insightful methodology than annual budgets.

The decision to introduce rolling forecasts in an organization does not occur in a vacuum. For an implementation to be successful and sustainable, FP&A teams need to educate their colleagues and build a business case for internal buy-in. In this webinar, Chris Stevenson of Anaplan discusses the merits of rolling forecasts and how to make a strong case for implementation within—and beyond—your finance team.

Save your spot to hear why leading organizations choose a rolling forecast approach, and how implementation can help finance teams better adapt to changing market conditions. Attendees will learn:

  • Key differences between traditional annual budgets and rolling forecasts
  • Significant technological developments that can support the implementation of rolling forecasts
  • How to ensure that your rolling forecast approach can balance efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy.
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