Solving R&D finance challenges in life sciences

On-demand webinar with Deloitte: Learn how to optimize your portfolio investment decisions

Looking for guidance on how to address common challenges in portfolio investment decision-making? The fragmentation and limitations of existing solutions in the R&D finance space can be frustrating. 

Life sciences portfolio and decision analysis is a complicated endeavor that evolves over an asset’s lifecycle. And the disjointed nature of the end-to-end R&D function creates complexity in valuation, execution, and ongoing financial management. This complexity often leads to inefficient and ineffective decision-making.

To help you address those challenges, Anaplan and Deloitte co-developed a portfolio analytics solution for life science organizations.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how your company can make optimal portfolio investment decisions with our portfolio analytics solution.
  • Hear about the value and benefits our customers in life sciences get from using the solution.
  • See a demo of the solution, including the statistical analysis and advanced workflow capabilities

Watch the on-demand webinar