Harness integrated, intelligent forecasting for fast and accurate results with PlanIQ

Anaplan | AWS | Deloitte

As your organization plans for the next normal, you’ll need modern methods and tools to keep pace with rapidly changing market dynamics.

While many business leaders look to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict key drivers and anticipate unforeseen market circumstances, it can be difficult for decision-makers to understand how to fully leverage these tools to help drive decisions.

You can create more accurate and meaningful forecasts with Anaplan PlanIQ. Our intelligent forecasting tool leverages AI and ML capabilities to help users get the most out of data analytics. PlanIQ with Amazon Forecast empowers you with faster and more confident decision-making by connecting wider sets of internal, external, and historical data to inform strategic models, forecasts, and plans.

Join us for this live session featuring Deloitte and AWS  as we share insights into:

  • The trends and challenges associated with the future of planning
  • How PlanIQ can deliver immediate value to your organization by improving prediction accuracy and accelerating time-to-value
  • How a global pharmaceutical company increased forecast accuracy with PlanIQ, demonstrating approximately $7 million in potential benefits
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