Myths and misconceptions of rolling forecast and FP&A scenario planning

Is your FP&A framework modern, driver-based, collaborative, and connected?

Today’s unpredictable economy reveals the shortcomings in traditional FP&A processes. Finance leaders who drive transformation will successfully navigate this continued ambiguity to thrive in the next normal.

In this on-demand webinar, “panel of experts covers the latest trends and developments in today’s FP&A, including how Anaplan is driving a new age of Connected Planning. You’ll learn the dynamics for augmenting profitability and operating performance through:

  • A modern FP&A framework for effective rolling forecasts and scenario planning
  • Key factors for successful rolling forecasts
  • The role of modern technology

The session also features the IQVIA case study, a lesson in scenario planning through the uncertainty of COVID-19, as well recommendations for improving FP&A processes and Q&A.


Watch the On-demand webinar