The new role of predictive analytics in supply chain planning

As improvements in predictive analytics generate immense value for supply chains, interpreting the data and how it is applied can be a challenge.

Hundreds of supply chain professionals gathered for an SDC Executives webinar “The new role of predictive analytics in supply chain planning”.

This webinar is being brought to you on-demand. Download now to hear from a line-up of supply chain experts including Camilo Gomez PhD, Senior Vice President of Quantitative research at CreditRiskMonitor, Vivek Soneja, Global Head of Supply Chain Solutions at Anaplan, and Brian Begeman, Research and Development Leader at John Galt Solutions, to learn about:

  • The role that predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence play in supply chain planning processes
  • How supply chain planning organizations of the future can approach and look at data management and data science skills to harness the power of predictive analytics
  • Use cases where complex supply chain planning has been transformed by predictive analytics, including demand sensing
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