Plan your supply chain with real-time, connected insights and act with confidence

See future potential, not plans from the past.

In today’s volatile, uncertain world, the next major business disruption is looming. The honeycomb effect of Anaplan’s connected ecosystem allows people, data, and plans to interconnect in real-time, offering intelligent insights to decision-makers and driving value across the enterprise. We’re currently working with various groups within Comcast to simplify and improve planning capabilities, including real-time “what-if” scenario modeling.

We are excited for Comcast to build upon its planning success, and a connected supply chain is a critical piece of the journey.

Watch the webinar for:

  • An introduction to Anaplan.
  • A brief overview of Connected Planning.
  • Mini case studies of current Anaplan customers, Sonos.
  • A demo of how Anaplan simplifies complex decisions and reoptimizes in real-time when your demand forecast changes.

Don’t have time for a 30-minute video? We have also provided a one-page summary along with the webinar.


View the summary or webinar