Planning in the Real Estate Sector

Real Estate has historically been a very stable and largely predictable sector that has benefited from the extraordinary economic growth that has taken place globally. However, this is about to change as the way we live, shop and work is evolving, new economies are emerging and new technologies are disrupting the status quo.

We have proven concepts underpinning our decision-making when dealing with issues such as how we evaluate our assets and how we decide where to allocate our capital, but these are often siloed and take a long time to refine. We are having to make decisions in shorter timescales taking more and more variables into account in order to stay relevant and ahead of our competitors.

We can’t predict what’s going to happen but we can prepare ourselves by adopting the right mindset, processes and tools that will enable us to react to change in real time, understanding the consequences across the entire organisation and multiple scenarios, now and into the future.

To get there…Real Estate companies need to connect their planning processes to ensure they align to the future of the workplace.

Join us for the Real Estate Webinar to discover how niche vendors help us answer the questions of the past and platforms like Anaplan help us adapt to change and deal with the future.

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