Portfolio planning for Real Estate Investment Managers and REITs

Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform is revolutionising the planning, forecasting, and overall investment management process for the real estate industry. In this demo, Joe Corlett, Senior Manager at Lionpoint Group, will showcase Anaplan’s ability to solves challenges specific to real estate.

The use cases you will be introduced to are:

Asset Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Increase accuracy and confidence in asset budgeting and forecasting
  • Review live leasing data
  • Identify and manage risks early
  • Plan for and minimise projected void periods

Fund Modelling

  • Forecast cashflows and performance by investment, funds, and LPs
  • Streamline reporting periods using real-time performance reporting
  • Project carry & management fees
  • Model new acquisitions by scenario and review performance impacts

REIT Modelling

  • Forecast financial statements and track AFFO by scenario
  • Manage large portfolios of investments and associated debt facilities
  • Project KPI impacts on portfolio / investment acquisitions or dispositions
  • Forecast issuance of equity and share-price
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