Secrets of a Successful Center of Excellence (CoE): A Q&A with Groupon

Groupon’s Anaplan journey began in 2013, and they quickly adopted the Connected Planning vision, using one platform for integrated end-to-end planning. Join Dragana Kangrga from Groupon, and Wendy Wen and Kevin Jacokes from Impetus Consulting Group, to learn how Groupon realized the need to develop a Center of Excellence (CoE) when expanding their Anaplan journey. We will dive into details of two tactical components of Groupon’s CoE: Master Data Management (MDM) and custom Anaplan enablement.

We will discuss answers to questions including:

  • How you know when you need a CoE.
  • What a CoE is and why it is important.
  • What Master Data Management is and why it matters.
  • Why the CoE should lead training and enablement.
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