Shaping the future of insurance underwriting

Hear from Deloitte: Underwriting transformation enhances competitive edge

How can insurers accelerate their underwriting transformation agenda to remain competitive and secure long-term profitability? Having the capabilities to effectively target new profitable businesses, rapidly deploy new products and offerings to address evolving customer demands, and deliver new business and underwriting operations efficiently and effectively are crucial.

As insurers embrace change at pace, underwriters need enhanced digital technologies to improve customer targeting, better automate and orchestrate underwriting processes, and create more effective and transparent pricing. Automating routine tasks and equipping teams with emerging technologies and insights powered by alternative data sources empowers underwriters to accomplish these goals.

Watch our on-demand webinar with experts from Deloitte’s Insurance Underwriting Practice to hear firsthand what insurance companies can do to future-proof their operations. You’ll learn:

  • How data and technology power exponential underwriting.
  • How insurance companies need to think differently about the roles their underwriters will perform in the future and the skills needed for those roles.
  • The technology needs to support underwriting teams in optimizing their activities.
  • How Deloitte’s Digital Commercial Underwriting solution in Anaplan helps insurers achieve their underwriting modernization and transformation goals.
Watch the On-demand webinar