Finance, S&OP, and the law of unintended consequences

How to find and eliminate gaps in S&OP decisions

In S&OP short-term outcomes are often prioritized, but those decisions can cause an unintentional ripple effect in the long-term. When fulfilling customer orders and managing a complex global supply chain, there needs to be an unbiased expert to ask the right questions and keep the big picture in mind.

In the second installment, you’ll learn how a single platform can help align finance and supply chain around robust scenario planning to find and eliminate gaps in S&OP decisions.

Watch the webinar to learn more:

  • The often-overlooked role of finance in S&OP
  • How to align operational plans with financial forecasts
  • How to scenario planning to make better, more informed S&OP decisions

Need a recap?

The first webinar in the S&OP series explored 3 ways to develop the S&OP process and improve business performance. Watch the recording here.

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