Incentive Compensation

Webinar series

If a company is like a human body, sales provide the oxygen. Throughout this series of four online seminars, explore how you could reinvent your business to make sure that your organization gets the oxygen it needs for the future!

Join a group of growth-oriented sales professionals from Anaplan and Deloitte and get more insights on the following topics:

  • Experience selling: If you don’t know where you’re going, the chances of you beating your competitors is slim. Explore how to design the optimum commercial plan.
  • Omnichannels: You win or lose through execution. Investigate innovative ways to manage and mobilize your salesforce with impact.
  • Sales analytics: You get what you measure. Align your incentives with your plan to drive performance.

Session 3: Incentive Compensation

As companies scale, they often struggle to build and maintain compensation plans effectively and pay sales reps accurately. They often use spreadsheets, homegrown systems, or small third-party vendors.

Join us to understand sales model strategic input and coverage models. Detail critical success factors and priorities for each sales job and identify relationships among marketing, sales, and service. During this third session, we will cover how to:

  • Determine market pay levels, pay strategy, and target compensation levels for each job. Includes salary and incentive mix based on job roles, sales cycle, and sales process factors.
  • Select key performance measures and relative weights to link to incentive compensation.
  • Develop communications materials, plan documents, and plan policies. Introduce to the organization. Implement administration and dispute resolution processes.
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