Sales analytics / Machine learning

Webinar series

If a company is like a human body, sales provide the oxygen. Throughout this series of four online seminars, explore how you could reinvent your business to make sure that your organization gets the oxygen it needs for the future!

Join a group of growth-oriented sales professionals from Anaplan and Deloitte and get more insights on the following topics:

  • Experience selling: If you don’t know where you’re going, the chances of you beating your competitors is slim. Explore how to design the optimum commercial plan.
  • Omnichannels: You win or lose through execution. Investigate innovative ways to manage and mobilize your salesforce with impact.
  • Sales analytics: You get what you measure. Align your incentives with your plan to drive performance.

Session 4: Sales analytics / Machine learning

Leading sales organizations increasingly use analytics to improve sales performance and better meet customer expectations. Predictive and prescriptive analytics assume greater significance in driving innovation and transformation within the sales organization

During this fourth and final session, we will focus on:

  • Engine algorithms for individual models output combine using the ensemble approach to improve performance
  • How whitespace models mine accounts and associated account attributes to derive a sales estimate for new accounts or accounts with little sales history
  • The use of predictive models to determine account and sales rep potential
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