Gaining profitability insights for Telcos: Sharing best practices and case studies

Most telecom operators plan and manage profitability by business unit (BU), brand, operating segment, customer segment, and country/market. However, the real value lies in understanding profitability at a more granular level—by product, service, channel, customer, and business contract. Join Anaplan and Deloitte as we share our experiences, insights, and case studies with leading telecom operators that have transformed their profitability and cost management with Connected Planning.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • One of the largest mobile operators in Southeast Asia leveraged a structured approach to model and predict costs and profitability by technology, geography, and product line. This enabled management to make better, faster decisions on product lifecycle management, technology migration, and geography-specific commercial interventions.
  • A global telecom operator leveraged Connected Planning to create a single source of truth for Finance and Sales, who interlocked their forecasting and planning processes. They also delivered customer-level insights into revenue and margin performance, and renewal and churn, driving improved forecast accuracy.
  • A major wholesale network provider in Australia connected Sales, Marketing, Operations, Workforce, Network Assurance, and Finance to deliver end-to-end scenario planning, forecasting, and predictive analytics, resulting in an increase of happy customers who connected faster.
  • A global telecom operator leveraged Anaplan to transform their revenue, profitability, and cost management across consumer, enterprise, and wholesale operating segments. Over a multi-year journey, they implemented several use cases in corporate, business unit, and operational finance areas, delivering greater speed, insight, and accuracy to planning and forecasting processes.
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