Unlocking Excellence in Supply Planning

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, supply chain management plays a pivotal role in the success of any organisation. Effective planning is the cornerstone of an agile and responsive supply chain, enabling companies to meet customer demands, optimise inventory, and drive operational excellence.

Maintaining excess inventory, to address supply constraints, is not an optimal strategy for enhancing profitability. Instead, by refining your supply planning and aligning it more closely with demand, your business can maximize its working capital and implement inventory decisions that deliver the highest value.

Please join, Dr Deborah Pike (Anaplan) and Brent Gorham (Cornerstone Performance Management), for an exclusive live demo that will demonstrate the power of Anaplan in unlocking the true value in your Supply Chain planning. Learn how you can orchestrate your supply chain to boost profitability by evaluating risks and opportunities in a comprehensive manner.

With Anaplan for supply planning, you can:


Deborah Pike

Principal Supply Chain Consultant - APAC, Anaplan

Deborah Pike

Brent Gorham

Supply Chain Practice Lead, Cornerstone Performance Management

Brent Gorham

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