Pharma demands precision. Stop guessing. Start planning strategically.

From ground-breaking innovation to better patient outcomes and every stage in between.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) connects your supply chain, operational and financial plans to enable faster decision-making and new opportunities for growth. But most importantly, it gets your products in the hands of the people who need them most.

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Align decision-making to value with IBP

IBP for pharma creates a single source of truth throughout your planning processes so you can capitalize on innovation activities, enhance profitability, and accelerate product speed to market.

Transform R&D investments into revenue streams

Model the P&L impact of pricing decisions, improve demand planning accuracy, and optimize your R&D portfolio to forecast future supply and demand. Turn insights into innovation and create new revenue opportunities.

Face unpredictable supply chain volatility head-on

Connect critical information across your supply chain to generate demand volume forecasts, identify potential cost savings (freight, warehouse, holding costs, write-offs, etc.) and uncover new avenues for revenue generation.

Make your working capital work for you

Get the visibility you need with dynamic inventory optimization. Model scenarios to reduce excess costs and waste while confidently freeing up working capital to focus on innovation and efforts that drive growth.

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“We have much better visibility into product performance and overall business efficiency with Anaplan.”

Head of Financial Planning & Systems, Unilab

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Analyst Research

Market experts weigh in on why an integrated approach to business planning is a strategic imperative for pharmaceutical leaders.

Why do leading pharmaceutical manufacturers plan with Anaplan?

Learn from the challenges and achievements of innovative companies leading the way with an integrated approach to business planning.

It’s time to move beyond traditional S&OP.

Elevate your planning capabilities with confidence and agility with Integrated Business Planning for pharma.