Balancing financial triage and long-term planning: unrealistic or conceivable?

Today, business leaders have the formidable task of developing concurrent growth, recovery, and resilience strategies.

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The new C-suite playbook

Breaking down planning and data siloes to drive growth and resilience.

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  • Protect revenue streams and foster financial health​
  • Provide a stable platform for business continuity and growth
  • Utilize increasing data volumes from disparate sources to create a clear picture for decision making


  • Bolster the supply-chain process to mitigate risks​​
  • Utilize data modelling to drive costs down within the business​
  • Find ways of creating increased agility by strengthening the supply chain


  • Rapidly develop and maintain a workforce that can be moved between office and remote working environments​
  • Create a strategy for talent acquisition to support business growth​
  • Nurture a happy workforce by evolving health benefits and compensation to reflect the new normal


  • Build a go-to-market strategy that is resilient to an uncertain future​
  • Incorporate hundreds of factors in order to accurately predict sales outcomes
  • Increase operational efficiencies while sustaining morale and performance


  • Integrate many disparate data sources to facilitate extended planning and analysis (xP&A)​
  • Increase system automation to save time and reduce the risk of human error in order to create accurate business models and forecasts​
  • Leverage best-of-breed enterprise cloud platforms to achieve technology goals
Gartner Book

Gartner calls it Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A), we call it Connected Planning

The 2020 Strategic Roadmap for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions by Gartner concluded that by 2024, 70% of new financial planning and analysis projects would become extended planning and analysis (xP&A) projects, moving their scope beyond the finance domain and into other areas of enterprise planning and analysis.

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Connecting the organization’s planning capabilities starts with digital transformation.



Hardvard Business Review

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Anaplan details how the Coca-Cola Company’s recent global digital transformation initiative within their McDonald’s Division (TMD) has increased the company’s confidence in their data and enabled them to make better decisions faster.



In this eBook learn how the agile CFO uses best-of-breed enterprise technology to align operations with financial priorities in order to predict and protect revenue



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