Improve service levels and reduce supply chain costs

Generate a more accurate set of forecasts to prevent wasted resources, stock-outs, and expedited requests. Quickly rebalance supply and demand and manage constraints. Model fixed and variable costs driven by your supply chain plans in one environment for complete end-to-end cost visibility.

Anticipate and respond to disruptions

Surface internal and external disruptions to your supply chain. Empower all supply chain planning and cross-functional S&OP participants to notify the company of planned and unexpected disruptions in a single real-time environment. Rapidly realign supply, inventory, and demand plans to reflect business decisions in response to change.

Support growth and innovation

Get your supply chain plans in sync with shifting product innovations, launches, and promotions. Define flexible and collaborative workflows for short- and long-term planning without relying on consultants or IT. Translate supply chain plans into P&L plans through financial modeling and align with finance and commercial plans from within the same Anaplan environment.

Plan and optimize your performance

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