Anaplan for Price Optimization

Model pricing with real-time feedback to gain visibility into pricing decisions and see the impact across the organization.

Anaplan for Pricing Optimization enables finance leaders to gain visibility into pricing decisions and see the impact across the organization in real-time.

When it comes to improving profitability, pricing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. With a granular view, you can better understand both the internal and external factors affecting profitability. Price across product and territories, see a comprehensive view of your across-portfolio value proposition, and model pricing moves with real-time feedback. Instantly review proposed pricing affects across volume, P&L, and against the previous year. Review category plans across territories and drill into pricing plans.

Why Anaplan Price Optimization Software?

Leverage elastic price modeling
Predict the effects of price on future volumes and see changes to modeling in real-time. Use calculated (multiplicative) or modeled (exponential) elasticities from any source. Create multiple “what-if” pricing scenarios and compare.

Enable profit change calculation
See how changes in price and volume combine to affect supplier profitability. With real-time feedback, instantly analyze and hone-in on ideal pricing stance.

Enterprise financial planning

Empower category and territory management
Review price changes to a category across geography and see a complete picture of your category offerings. Drill into territories to see individual product profitability side-by-side, per territory.

Eliminate reliance on IT
Planning hierarchy maintenance is made simpler with Anaplan—no more reliance on ERP. Take advantage of role-based security, selective access, Tableau integration, and more.

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