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Anthony Hennessy
Finance Manager, Norland Managed Services

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My name is Anthony Hennessy. I’m a Central Finance Manager for Norland Managed Services based in London.

We are company that has a few hundred contracts currently, which is growing over the past couple of years and appears to be growing quiet substantially in the next few years. So we had a problem with Excel with the number of individual contracts, trying to consolidate this into other spreadsheets, and linking data from one to the other was just becoming too big and too cumbersome for Excel to handle. What we found with Anaplan was that it consolidated very quickly, very easily in one model, if we want it to make a change to some of the calculations in the model, it would affect everyone immediately. We didn’t have to then ask end-users to effect changes or manually correct these changes in each individual spreadsheet.

One of my favorite features in Anaplan is the ability to do a subset of a list. That’s particularly handy in creating reports and also creating contracts, creating different calculations. If a certain contract has to be treated differently to another contract you can put them in different subsets.

One of the questions that we’re always dealing with is, how can we better buy with our suppliers? We can now do that, we have the ability to analyze our spends by a suppliers across all contracts, across business units, and across divisions. We can now consolidate all that information into one report, whereas previously we’d be dealing with different reports, different spreadsheets, we find it very difficult to get it combine them all together and then look across the whole company rather than individual sectors of their company.

Some of the advantages I think with the blueprint of a site modelling Excel is that you can do a change in one place, if it’s formatting, calculations, we’ll flow it through to the rest of the model, whereas in Excel you cannot do that, you’d have to do that in each and every single spreadsheets you’ve got out there in your business.

Suppose in aha moment for me with Anaplan was when initially we went out and try to do just the budget model but then we realize that we can do more than that, we can import data from any different source located in Anaplan and then do analysis which fades off other data sets from other systems or other areas of the business. That I think for us as a company will be very beneficial and it’s not just used to finance, it’s not just used for a budgeting scenario, it can also impact on business decisions.

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