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In this video, Financial Group Life’s Tatiana Vlasova, and Konstantin Malchushkin share how Anaplan has transformed Financial Group Life’s business planning process and increased internal collaboration.

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Tatiana Vlasova (TV), Head of Financial Management, SME division:

Our group has been working in this market since 1993. Today the group consists of nine banks with a presence in 75 regions of Russia, over 800 branches, 20,000 employees, and three million customers.

We bought several applications. We looked at these solutions, we implemented them, and we even wrote our own analytical system. But these solutions weren’t that straightforward for us. They involved a long, complicated, and expensive process. And before we used to collate these models in Excel. There were so many of them, it was quite a long and complex process to collate them, to verify all of the data, and to collect the division models.

Konstantin Malchushkin (KM), Head of Strategic Development & Analysis, SME division:

Anaplan was very flexible. It was like Excel and it was easy to use. We tried to use Anaplan for making plans for only 10 of our branches, and then when our head of these branches began to use Anaplan they told us that they very much liked Anaplan and they began to say “can you do like this. ” So we decided to go to the next step and to make plans for all our branches.

Actually, everything was beyond our expectations because the flexibilities and interaction and collaboration is a very, very strong power of Anaplan. So the first thing that was very, very good for our company is that we could have all the plans connected, and it’s not plans that lay somewhere on the PC of our branch director. It’s in the cloud, so it could be get on any mobile device, on any PC in our company.

TV: The first thing we noticed was that Anaplan makes this process faster, more accurate, and more detailed. We couldn’t make the relevant decisions in time. In other words, we couldn’t see… quickly… how effective our branches were, which regions were doing best, and which regions weren’t doing so well. I think that maybe we fell behind in assessing some strategic opportunities. We couldn’t flexibly assess the effect of future… from the future implementation of some products. And Anaplan helped us do this.

We are now calculating employee motivation which is a very complex task for us. This is a very very large formula which is calculated very quickly in Anaplan, and each group member can see what their motivation consists of.

KM: Anaplan was not cheaper but it was in the same cost for us and so benefits are – a lot of benefits because we don’t have to hold our own IT staff for these business processes and we can use our analytics. So the benefit is not only in the cost of employees the benefit is in the fast and very, very collaborative powers of Anaplan.

TV: We would like to carry out risk management; in other words, analyzing our credit portfolio and tranche behavior, and finding the best and worst employees to make these credit decisions.

And in general we want our entire financial group to use this product.
So that it gradually replaces other business applications and is used more universally at our company.

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