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Kimberly Alfieri
Manager WW Comission Operations & Planning, McAfee

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I am Kimberly Alfieri. I am the Worldwide Commissions Operations & Planning Manager here at the McAfee office in Plano, Texas. In the past, our compensation was mainly comprised of commissions system within an Access database. We had multiple data sources with Excel spreadsheets that was pretty much all manual work for roughly about 10 people. What Anaplan did to make it easy for our team was basically being able to manage multiple spreadsheets within the system, not having to maintain them on separate servers, not having to submit them to various people to upload into an Access database. They were actually able to go in and do the work themselves and see real time updates rather than having to wait for someone else to update in that Access database. They could go in themselves, upload the spreadsheets and immediately see the results so they could model what they needed for compensations.

My learning curve from Excel to Anaplan actually was a very easy transition. I think most people who have Excel experience can easily adapt to Anaplan. You don’t necessarily have to have any coding experience. If you just have the basic Excel skills, you can learn to navigate very quickly within Anaplan. I am having a one set system of truth for our data sets. It makes it easier that we don’t have to pull data as often so it’s all housed within Anaplan. So we have automatic API feeds of data that go in so it kind of reduces the work of people having to pull their source data from other systems. Using these models for compensation modeling has been a great tool for our executives who deal with the model, their go-to market strategies for next year, they can look at historical bookings, they can look at large sets of data, asset and entitlement data, renewal data, forecasting data, pipeline data, and bring it all into one system and they can kind of model with that data. They can plug-in different thresholds, different bars, move accounts around and it automatically updates all sets of data that’s in the module’s lifetime.

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